AznChica (aznchica2002) wrote in j_dfans,

Hallmark Skating Spectacular

Did anyone watch the Hallmark Skating Spectacular today? I was awesome. I just love watching Jamie and David skate. They are so cute together! In their interview today before they skated, they said that they like being together and that they are best friends, but sometimes she needs a girl's night out, and he needs a boys night out. And then Jamie kissed David on the cheek! How sweet! man, I wish I had a blank tape with me so that I could have taped this show and watch it over again. Also I found out that Ekaterina Gordeeva (my favorite pro female singles skater) got married to Illia Kulik! I didn't know that before. I had just thought they were going out and they have a daughter together. But I'm happy that Ekaterina married again. She and Illia look cute together too.
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